American Chocolate Mould Company began in 1910 as a manufacturer of metal moulds. The company was incorporated by H. Friedwald in 1912. American Chocolate Mould Company was one of the leading metal mould manufacturers located at Lafayette and Grand Streets in Manhattan from 1912 to 1971. In the early 1930s, management was taken over by H. Friedwald's family and its President was Samuel Friedwald. In 1971 upon Mr. Samuel Friedwald's death, Frank Friedwald took over the management./p>

Early in the 1970s, representation of B.V. Vormenfabriek in Tilburg, Holland began. At that time and continuing today, they are one of the largest manufacturers of plastic moulds for the chocolate and confectionery industry. Also in the same decade American Chocolate Mould began their representation of Ditta Antonio Carcano of Mandello del Lario in Italy. They are the largest independent manufacturer of aluminum and converter of confectionery foil.

Around that same time, American Chocolate Mould Company began representing other firms such as Mikroverk A/S of Copenhagen, Denmark, which was taken over by Aasted ApS and its name subsequently changed to Aasted Mikroverk. In January of 2010, A.E. Nielsen, which was already represented by American Chocolate Mould Company, merged into Aasted Mikroverk and the group formally became known as Aasted ApS. They are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tempering machines, enrobers, cooling tunnels, and chocolate moulding lines.

Ownership was previously with the Friedwald family and Ray Cote. In January of 2007, Frank Friedwald retired from the business and Ray Cote bought the remaining shares becoming sole owner of American Chocolate Mould Company./p>

In addition to the firms listed above, we also currently represent BSA Schneider who manufacture conches, roll refiners, and other chocolate processing equipment, Gekupack who manufactures mesh baggers, counters, and multi-head weighers, Ecopack which is a supplier to the confectionery and bakery industries with their paper goods supplying paper cups - plain, printed, and printed in register, and also Caotech who supplies the industry with their attrition ball mills.

Today, American Chocolate Mould Company is one of the leading suppliers of confectionery industry equipment in the United States and acts as a service organization to the confectionery industry.

In addition, American Chocolate Mould Company manufactures the TABLE TOP TEMPERER. Click here for more information: Products