B. V. VORMENFABRIEK - Tilburg, Holland (VOFA)
Vormenfabriek is one of the largest manufacturers of chocolate moulds in the world. They manufacture injection molded polycarbonate moulds for all commercial moulding lines. They also manufacture spinning moulds held together with magnets formed by a vacuum forming technique. There are a variety of hand moulds from their catalog. A minimum order of 50 moulds is required per item.
AASTED - Farum, Denmark (Nielsen)
Aasted-Mikroverk and A.E. Nielsen, both market leaders worldwide within high-quality production lines for the chocolate and bakery industry have merged under the name of Aasted.

For the benefit of our customers Aasted is now able to supply complete chocolate solutions and bakery solutions as well as individual machinery and equipment within moulding lines, tempering machines, depositors, extruders, bakery ovens, enrobers, cooling tunnels and much more.

By combining the strength of Aasted-Mikroverk and A.E. Nielsen we feel sure that we will be able to serve our customers even better.
CARCANO ANTONIO S.p.A. - Mandello del Lario, Italy (Carcano)
Carcano is the worlds largest independent privately owned supplier of foil for the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries. They are suppliers of unsupported, paper backed, plastic coated, embossed, colored and printed aluminum foils. Carcano has rotogravure printing equipment up to 7 colors and sophisticated embossing and cylinder making facilities.
BSA is engaged in development, design and production of plants and machinery for the chocolate, cocoa and sweets industry. All our customers are well-known chocolate-producing as well as chocolate-processing companies.
ECOPACK - Piobesi T.se (TO)
Ecopack is a unique manufacturer of paper products for the confectionery, bakery and pizza industries.

In the confectionery industry they make paper cups at very competitive prices. They also make printed paper cups printing up to 8 colors with rotogravure printing. In addition, they are one of the only two companies in the world making registered printed cups, specifically logos can be printed and centered on the cups.

They have developed an exclusive line of bakeable paper moulds These moulds can be used for baking in ovens and microwaves. Finished product can be frozen in these moulds. The product is made from grease proof pure cellulose paper and has a rolled edge to assure easy denesting and additional strength of the product. A variety of sizes are standard and specialty sizes can be made. The above type of bakeable paper moulds can also be used for the pizza industry.